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Firmware update

How to update firmware? #

In this section, we will talk about the firmware update of LSS pixel controllers – both LEC3 and SPI Matrix. In case you will have any additional questions, please, contact us.



Before the firmware update #


Before you can update the firmware of your LED controller, you have to make sure that:

  1. First of all downloaded the latest version of firmware,
  2. Make sure your SD-Card is formatted to FAT32.


Download Link for the new firmare:


2. Format your micro SD-Card #

Before you start with the update, you need to prepare your micro SD-Card. Make sure the file system used is FAT32. SD-Card capacity can not exceed 32 GB. To format your micro SD-Card, follow these steps:

1. Insert your SD-Card into SD-card slot and open This Computer.

2. Left-click on icon and select Properties. A pop-up window will appear.




3. In General tab, check the current file system. In case the value is different from FAT32, please, continue with the next step. Otherwise, jump to …





4. Again right-click on SD-Card icon, but his time click on Format. Choose FAT32 file system and check Quick Format.



5. Formatting takes a minute or two, then your SD-Card is ready to store firmware files.



How to update firmware? #


In case you already prepared your SD-Card, you follow these steps:

1. Download latest version of firmware from our website (in case you didn’t do so already)


2. File contains multiple updates for different devices. If you are not sure about your particular hardware, double check it through a web interface tool. Here is a quick video on how to access your device.




3. For hardware version 3 and 3.1 unzip and copy files bootldr.cfg and lss3.bin to FAT32 formatted micro SD-card. For higher hardware versions 3.2, use the same bootldr.cfg file but lec32.bin file instead.



4. Insert SD-Card into the controller’s SD-Card slot.

5. Controller is automatically searching for update files every time you turn it on. In case your controller is still ON, turn it off.

6. Turn on your controller.

7. You can recognize that a yellow status LED is flashing. The firmware update takes about 30 seconds.

8. After a restart, yellow diode stops flashing. Firmware was updated. Please, check the firmware version in controllers setting over web interface.




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