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LED Controllers for Professionals

Eurovision Song Contest 2018

LED Strip Studio provides advanced LED controller for all types of LED (WS, TM or APA family).

LED Ethernet Controller is able to control up to 4096 programmable RGB / RGBW LEDs, separately.

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With our LED controllers become your installations really amazing

We produce LED control system, which allows you to control thousands of RGB and RGBW LEDs on the high level, and in many ways (Ethernet, DMX, Artnet, Stand-alone or via LED software).

LED Ethernet Controller 3

is able to control up to 4096 LEDs (WS, TM or APA family)

The Best Choice for bigger installation

SPI LED Controller

is able to control up to 1024 LEDs

It is the Best Choice for smaller installation or if you need control more smaller LED blocks.

LED Software

will provide you entire control of LEDs without considering their shape

User-friendly LED Control Software.

SPI Matrix

28 Art-Net Universes + 1 Extra

SPI Matrix allows to control 4096 individual LEDs over any Art-Net software, console or hardware.

LED Ethernet Controller Powered

is a great solution for rental projects

It is the Best Choice for installations as X-Factor, Got Talent, Superstar, Guess my age.


TV Studio LED Installation

Astonishing digital background and decorations for TV Studios are built with top quality materials. Furthermore, Pro LEDs and LED controllers are intended for long-term use.

Digital Canvas controlled by LED Strip Studio gives you a simple and affordable solution for every TV studio. You can easily change colors and the complete atmosphere of any show!


Interior / Exterior LED installation

Step out of the shadow with our professional large scale LED installation. Bring the look of your exterior to another level and amaze the eyes of your customers.

We offer simple installation, easy controlling with our LED Strip Studio software, quick repair and overall stabillity. You can always add new elements if needed, and discuss the best solution for you with us.


Unique Custom LED Projects

If you're looking for something special but you don't know how to realize it, we are here to give you the best advice.

We already made smaller and also bigger installations for clients all around the world. Our mention has played a major role on different stages, including The X Factor, The Talent, Guess My Age, Your Face Sounds Familiar, Miss, and many more.


LED Shows

Are you looking for something original for product launch, anniversary or party? Tron Dance performance can be used to heat-up your audience!

It always turns out to be the unique connection of dance, light and music, that heats up everybody. Well, we know that. Let’s find out more about Tron Dance, LED suits and how to control and work with them. This is what our special website offers you this time.

LED Strip Studio

User-friendly LED control software

It will provide you entire control of RGB and RGBW LEDs without considering their shape, size or placement.

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LSS 2 software