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SPI LAMP - SPI Signal Splitter
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SPI signal splitter

Developed for hanging lamps, this little board works as SPI signal splitter. Compatible with our controllers (LEC 3SPI Matrix) you can daisy-chain 85 of these boards in a single line.

Once a single or even multiple strips break, remaining segments will still work. This is thanks to option to swap data IN and OUT ports and a backup function you can turn on in our software.


Interior Lighting
TV Studio Installations
Film and Television
LED Stage for Eurovision 2018
Rental Installations
LED Facades
Outdoor Lighting

Suitable for all types of
LED installations

From ambient interior illumination to big outdoor installations

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SPI Lamp is a SPI signal splitter able to control up to 1024 RGB pixels.


Compatible with our controllers ( LEC 3SPI Matrix ) you can daisy-chain 85 of these boards in a single line.


Differential signal allows you to have the LED controller and SPI Lamp hundreds of meters from each other with no data loss.


With a simple modification, you can even power SPI Lamp with your Ethernet cable as passive POE.




SPI signal splitter

66 €

Trusted worldwide and used in over 450 projects and installations

I have been purchasing controllers from Led Strip Studio for the past two years and I have found them to be very reliable, easy to install and program, and versatile in their use in a variety of conditions. The interaction with Led Strip Studio’s staff during the purchase of equipment or following a request for technical support has always been efficient, informative, and courteous. My choice to use Led Strip Studio as my exclusive provider of controllers during the past few months reflects my high satisfaction in their services and products.

Gabriel Michael, Electronic Engineer


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