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SPI LED Controller

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SPI LED Controller

This device is ideal for smaller installations. It’s able to control all types of LED (WS, TM, APA family). Each effect is located on SD-Card.

You can control all the effects over buttons and DMX.

Main Tech Specs

The most important details about SPI LED Controller you can find below. For more detailed description, please contact us or see technical documentation.

Maximum od LEDs 1000
SPI LEDs Outputs 1
Maximum od LEDs per Output 1000
Power 5-24 V
Dimensions 90x56x23 mm

What makes this controller so special is that you’re able grip it to a standard DIN bar. This helps you organize everything much better in complex installations.


Apart from the most widely used connectors, such as RJ-45 ( DMX IN/OUT, MMX IN/ OUT),  SD-Card for stand-alone mode and buttons for direct control of LED controller.

DMX IN/OUT over RJ-45

allows you to control LEDs via DMX over RJ-45 connector


allows you to send signal to LEDs

MMX IN/OUT over RJ-45

allows you to control LEDs via MMX over RJ-45 connector


allows you to operate in a stand-alone mode


Our LED controllers let you work and control them however you prefer it. That’s the reason why we bring you these 4 ways of controlling your LED devices, straight away.

Stand-alone mode

This mode allows you to control LEDs over SD-Card and you don’t need any kind of software to control it. Choose effects using buttons or DMX signal.

DMX Pixel mode

Simply use DMX standard as RGB player. You can define how many LEDs will represent one pixel – a maximum number of LED pixels is 170 and with SPI LED Controller you can play 1000 LEDs.


In pixel mode, each 3 DMX channels are used to control red, green and blue color of one (or more) LED pixels.


Simply use DMX 512 standard for controlling your LEDs. DMX can be used as a trigger of effects saved on your SD-Card or as RGB player

DMX Trigger mode

Simply use DMX  standard as a trigger of effects saved on used SD-Card. You should follow simple rules, which you can find in this small table or technical documentation.


1 Brightness
2 Animation
3 Animation speed (default is 128)
4 Red
5 Green
6 Blue


User Manual and Tech. documentation of LED SPI Controller
The latest firmware of SPI LED Controller