Retro LED bulb

As with most of our products, this special retro LED bulb was designed for a client. Working principle is pretty simple. We actually demonstrated that with cheap christmas lights in our previous video about Xmas dimmer.

Retro LED Bulb design

What is special is the way we designed and produced the bulb. We wanted to actually have two color temperatures. We can play more with effects and depending on the mood, you can either use Warm or Cold white color. 

In the bulb itself we use standard bulb socket (E27). Purposefully retrofitted so that it fits standard sockets. And you only need two cables to dimm and control color. It is that easy 🙂 

How does it work?

As mentioned in the article about Xmas dimmer – Reversed polarity. Two halves are connected backwards, with + and Ground switched. Thus you can control separete colors with separate DMX channels. And yes, the Xmas dimmer is required in order for theses retro LED bulbs to sparkle your space. Whether it is cafe, bar or club. These can have wide variety of applications.

A single retro LED bulb showing Warm white, Cold white diodes on separately and all turned on on max. brightness.

How to control this?

Any standard DMX controller will work. We are using pretty cheap DMX console and as you can see in the video. Remember, you are using 2 channels per Output on Xmas dimmer. Thus when I am pulling one slider in the video, intensity changes for only Warm White (Or Cold White) diode.

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