Xmas Dimmer – Control Christmas lights with DMX

For those who like to celebrate Christmas, putting up the lights to support the festive mood is always something special. From a simple tree to decorating your whole house, most of us are nowadays using cheap LED lights. And they are GREAT! Although you get some pre made effects, most people are looking for something special. It is only natural to stand out. What technology is widely available that anyone can use to create their own LED shows? The answer is DMX. In pair with our brand new Xmas Dimmer. Add in our software and you can create music synchronized shows in a matter of minutes.

How does Xmas dimmer work?

Each of 8 outputs available uses 2 DMX channels. Most ordinary LED lights that you use to decorate your house or tree with look like a single line or wire. In fact, there are two separate lines. This is best visible when you take DMX console, hook it up to Xmas dimmer and start pulling the sliders. That is why single device uses 16 LED channels.

DMX for control of Xmas Dimmer

DMX is a widely popular protocol for control of stage equipment. With Xmas dimmer, you can take advantage of this professional environment and use the many tools available, even for smaller installations. We designed the board so that you can easily connect your ordinary decorative LED strings to the device. This can be an advantage for both home users and pros in the entertainment industry.

Simple DMX console can also be used for Xmas dimmer.

Christmas LED lights

You can really use a wide variety of lights. Look for lights that are using reversed polarity connection. As for the power – the device can operate in a range from 12-36V. As mentioned, you can have 8 such LED light strings on a single device. Thus you are using 16 DMX channels.

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