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LEC 3 front view

LED Controller 3


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LED Ethernet Controller 3

Advanced LED controller. Supports Art-Net, LED Strip Studio software, DMX 512. Also working in stand-alone mode. Advanced web configuration with quick status bar accessible through web browser. 

Control up to 4096 Digital RGB LEDs or 3072 RGBW LEDs or 24 full Art-Net universes.

Supported IC types - TM1809, WS2811, WS2812, APA102, APA102_DOUBLE, APA102 16bit, D705, LPD6803, LPD8806, MBI6120, SM16716, SM16726, ...

Advance Features

  • There are many standard features which you already have known from earlier versions of LEC 3 controller, but we like to underline the most interesting features.
  • Automatic interpolation
  • Supports LSS software and 3rd party Artnet software and hardware
  • Web browser interface – configure and test your LEC3 through your mobile device or computer
  • DMX and Ethernet Daisy chaining
  • Autoplay mode with animation playlist stored on a Micro-SD card
  • Easily attachable to DIN profile
  • Different pixel-number versions with an optional upgrade (manually or through software on one click)

Important to know

Tech Specs

Maximum of programmable RGB / RGBW LEDs

4096 RGB / 3072 RGBW LEDs

Maximum of Art-Net universes

24 full art-net universes

SPI LEDs Outputs

4 SPI outputs for LEDs

Supported IC type

TM1809, WS2811, WS2812, APA102, APA102_DOUBLE, APA102 16bit, D705, LPD6803, LPD8806, MBI6120, SM16716, SM16726, …


5 – 24 V DC

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Connectors +


LED Ethernet Controller supports most common connectors such as RJ-45, XLR in/out and SPI connectors for your LEDs. You can also find a slot for SD-Card, DIP switch and buttons for control in stand-alone mode.

LED Strip Studio software license is included with every LED Ethernet Controller 3. In case you would like to control LEC 3 over Art-Net or DMX, you can also use third-party hardware and software.

2 x RJ-45

Allows you to control LEDs via LSS software and Art-Net. Daisy chain is available.

XLR In/Out

Allows you to control LEDs via DMX. DMX daisy chain is available.

SD-Card slot

Allows you to play effects and animations without additional equipment in stand-alone mode.

DIP switch

An easy way to setup IP Address, DMX address and default animation from SD-Card.

All Your LED Controllers

Daisy chaining more devices to share LSS or Art-Net signal through Ethernet cables with an RJ-45 connector. To one LED Ethernet Controller 3 and POWERED you can connect another device and create one line of devices sharing the signal.


See the basic schemes how to correctly daisy chain more devices.



You can use standard 3 pin XLR connectors to share DMX signal or even RJ-45 connector (In user manual, you will find scheme how to do connector with RJ-45 and XLR).

User manual