led strip studio logo
led strip studio logo

LED Strip Studio is a company dedicated to development of progressive 

LED technology, LED controllers and LED accessories. 



Since 2011 we have developed LED controllers, LED software, LED stripes and accessories on behalf of LED Strip Studio. In these days, we share rich community of satisfied customers and common belief that their counts will grow rapidly as they always did before.



We truly have strong tradition of years of successful projects and happy clients all over the world. 

Something about the merest beginning of this brand, achievements, and aborts also, you can find on our blog.


Team Members

Michal Pokluda

Founder & Chief Information Officer

Marian Fridrich

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Michal Rovinsky

Marketing / All-Rounder

Marek Kolencik

Senior Software Developer

Juraj Foltanovic

Storage Manager

Juraj Brezina

Senior Hardware Developer

Patrik Ondrejka

Hardware Developer

Richard Scherer

Sales Manager

emanuel simoes
Emanuel Simoes

Graphic Designer

Lukas Bafrnec


Led Strip Studio logo

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