What controller can I use with LED Strip Studio software?

Following scheme shows you, what product and how can be used with LED Strip Studio software.

Here is detailed explanation of all the types of control:

Real-time (lifetime) – there is lifetime license included with LEC3 and LEC3 powered controllers. You can use mapping in LED Strip Studio software designed specially for LEC3 devices (not Art-Net mapping). The benefit of this protocol is high throughput thanks to real-time compression comparing to Art-Net protocol.

SD-card export – you can use LED Strip Studio software to export animations and video to controller’s SD-card. It allows you to control pixel LED installations without computer.

Real-time control via Art-Net licenseLED Strip Studio software allows you to purchase annual Art-Net license, which can be used to control SPI Matrix, Reactivo or even 3rd party Art-Net to SPI decoders.

Controller/ProtocolReal-time control using LED Strip Studio protocolSD-card exportReal-time control using Art-Net
LEC3 PoweredXXX
SPI MatrixXX

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