SPI LAMP – Setup

As the name of this device indicates, it was designed and developed for a specific product, or better category, in mind. Custom hanging lamps! It is a SPI signal splitter that you can daisychain, works over wide range of voltage and you can connect a lot of these in a series with single SPI output.

System requirements #

The device works with our custom protocol, thus you need to use either SPI Matrix or LED Ethernet Controller 3. Of course, you can use it with 3rd party software you prefer.

Connectors #

You have two connectors for signal data. To transfer signal, you can use shielded ethernet cable. This way you can use very long (30M+) cables and not worry about signal loss.

SPI Lamp splitter from TOP, revealing the connectors on the PCB
Green terminal block for connecting strip+power & 2 RJ45 connectors for data I/O

The Data I/O connectors are swapable.

LED Strips connected to the device are drawing power from the device. The device can operate in a range of 5-24V DC. Keep in mind that you have to power the device with same voltage as the LED strips/pixels connected to avoid any damage.

Special features #

The device is designed in a way so that you can safely put it in an electrical box to seal it from weather.

You can connecte max. 85 SPI Lamps in a daisy-chained string on a single output. Minimal number of pixels on one lamp is 9, max. 1024 RGB or 768 RGBW pixels.

SPI to RJ45 Pin Out #

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