Software activation for LEC3 device?

Often new users ask “when do I get activation key for LED Strip Studio software?”. The answer is – you don’t need it.

In case you use our LEC3 device (LED Ethernet Controller 3), the software activation key is actually “inside” the device. You just have to use mapping dedicated to LEC3 devices (not Art-Net mapping):

Use the mapping dedicated to LEC3 device – not Art-Net

How to use LEC3 mapping? #

To assign LED strip to the LEC3 device output just drag and drop the LED strip to the Mapping over Ethernet section.

Why do you use two communication protocols/mappings? #

Our protocol for LEC 3 devices is better than Art-Net to control addressable pixel LED strips. It’s not so demanding for the network throughput because it uses real time compression. And it’s easier to setup than Art-Net, since you don’t have to handle the Art-Net Universes.

Why is then Art-Net mapping available in LED Strip Studio software? #

Because not every addressable LED pixel user in the world is so happy and uses our controllers :). Art-Net is quite a standard how to control addressable pixel LED strips. And many other devices in the world use this protocol. Thanks to that, you can use our LED Strip Studio software with 3rd party devices.

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