PC Configuration for LED Strip Studio software


In this part we will describe how to setup your PC and how to install LED Strip Studio software. By default LED Strip Studio works on IP address range – The computer’s IP address and LEC3 device IP address must be *different*! E.g. you can use for computer and for LEC3 device.



Video Tutorial #


In following video tutorial you can see how to perform basic setup of LEC3 demo kit:




LEC3 IP address #


You can set IP address of the LEC3 device using web configuration or DIP switch on the device. LED Strip Studio system works on IP address range 192.168.1.X by default. The last number X is set by device web configuration or DIP switch on the device (but for advanced users, it is possible to use different IP range than 192.168.1.X). Default IP address of LEC3 is usually set to, but you can configure it using web configuration or using DIP switch (if you don’t understand how the DIP switch is working, you can use the tool from web to calculate desired IP address: http://www.sabretechnology.co.uk/calc.asp).



Computer IP Address #


You have to set the IP address of your computer manually to be able to control LEC3 devices. From your desktop please go to Start->Control panel. Choose Network and sharing center:


Network Configuration
Network and Sharing Center

Then go to Local Area Connection:


Local area connection
Local Area Connection Status

Then go to Properties->Internet Protocol v4->Properties:


IPv4 configuration
Internet Protocol v4 Properties

Configure your network adapter to static IP address in range – and Subnet mask to


Note: Please make sure, your computer IP address (set in this dialog) is different than the one set on Ethernet Controller! We recommend using address 11 or 22 for your computer. It’s easy to remember to not use this address for your Ethernet controllers.


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