Introduction to the SPI LED hardware

Introduction and hardware description #


Hardware board contains connectors, buttons and some control diodes.

SPI LED Controller board inputs/outputs


DMX In / DMX Out #

input/output for DMX signal. SPI LED Controller contains standard RJ45 connectors where only some lines
are used for Data +, Data – and Ground (GND).

RJ-45 connector linesusage for


Micro SD card slot #

Slot for standard micro SD Card. All the animations for digital LED strips or pixels can be saved on a FAT32 formatted card with size up to 32GB.



Mode/Status indicators #

three control diodes displaying the status of the device.

Frame sending – in case some picture is being sent to SPI out, this diode flashes.

DMX signal detected – diode flashes in case DMX signal is detected.

Power on – diode turns on if power is connected.

Animation switch buttons – You can store multiple animations on the SD Card. Using these two up/down buttons you can select which animation to play.



SPI Out #

Is a digital output for LED strips/LED pixels. Please, see SPI Out (SH04-5-GY) connector scheme on the picture below.


SPI OUT (SH04-5-GY) connector scheme


Power In #

Power input for a power source, in the range from 5 to 24V DC. Please, see SH04-5-GY connector scheme on the picture below.


Power In (SH04-5-GY) scheme

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