Installation Examples

Installation examples #


We show you a few typical connections/installations of SPI LED controller with power supply and LEDs. For those of you, who like video, check video tutorial below.





For a better explanation, we’ll use schematic side picture of the board. Here you can see the board side with the connector description.



SPI LED Controller side view and its schematic representation



Standard connection of Data pin #


On the following example, you can see a connection scheme of one TM1803/TM1809 based LED strip and one power source. TM1803 or TM1809 LED strip family requires only using one data line (no clock required).



Connecting one LED strip (TM1803/TM1809)



Recommendation: Sometimes it’s better to connect also the power directly to the LED strip (or LED pixel). It’s especially important in case you use many LEDs and the LED strip requires a lot of power. In this case, you don’t need to connect the +Vcc from the SPI LED Controller to the LED strip. But we strongly recommend connecting GND.



Connection of Clock Pin #


In case you use e.g. LED pixels, some of them require also Clock pin for synchronous data transmission. Here you can also see how to boost the power in case you want to use many LED pixels.



Many types of LED pixels require clock to be connected

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