How to use LEC3 Demo Kit?

What is Demo kit and how to use it? #

This product suits all customers, who wants to try our LED technology. To enable you the easy beginning with LSS system, we launched Demo kit.

Package Contents #


  • LED Ethernet Controller 3,
  • 150W 5-24V power supply connected to controller (depending on the supplied LED strip),
  • 2 x 5 meters of testing LED stripes with SPI connectors,
  • LED Strip Studio software installation Pro version,
  • testing and settings interface accesible from your web browser
  • prearranged workspace with effects and show for quick testing,
  • entire documentation and lots of available tutorials,
  • SD card with effects and LSS Software,
  • 1m long Ethernet cable,
  • Plug and Play – everything is ready to use immediately.


The first installation and working with LSS Demokit 3 #


Complete video tutorial for LSS Hardware and Software setting watch bellow:

Step-By-Step Hardware Installation #


  • plug in LED strips into SPI outputs,
  • plug in to power source (110-240 V), 5V on output
  • put SD card into dedicated slot on front panel of controller,
  • use buttons to switch pre-loaded effects,
  • LED stripes start to play effects. If not, something is wrong. Please check again the instructions or contact us.


Step-By-Step Software Installation #


  • install LED Strip Studio software from our web page
  • after successful installation, you need to go to system settings of your PC. Don’t be scared, there is a complete manual in video above. Don’t forget to connect Demo kit with Computer by Ethernet Cable
  • next step is to launch LED Strip Studio software, which should detect  connected Demo kit.
  • now click on prearranged effects, which will be afterwards played on LED strips connected to your LEC 3 device.


Green marking in the left down corner of LED Strip Studio


What to do if it all goes well? #

  • Enjoy! Play and try every imaginable trick on you shiny new toy,
  • check out our tutorials,
  • don’t hesitate to ask us for advice or help,
  • recommend to your friends and clients.


What to do if something goes wrong? #

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