Why do we need another game lighting controller?

We’ve spent last few weeks by developing new product for gamers. We’ve found out a lot of our web site visitors are looking for special controller for LED lights, which they want to use in their gaming room. You wanted – we listened 🙂 …

A protoype of REACTIVO controller for gaming (and not only)

The goal of Reactivo is to give you an option to cover your whole game room furniture with pixel LED strips. This will turn your desk, lamp or even a closet in to an active light element using color information directly from your game.

What’s the difference between Reactivo and other game lights?

The main difference is the ability to choose pixels from your screen and use them as a source of the color information for the LED strips. And you can use almost any number of digital/pixel LED strips in your room to cover all your furniture.

One color behind your monitor – typical present (boring) “game light”

You can use different LED strip mappings for different games. Counter Strike or Warcraft might display different portions of the screen on LED strips. The best thing – you are the boss and lighting designer – you decide, what portion of the game screen is displayed on the LED strips.

How can you use the LED strips for games?

You can use important game information like your Dota 2 or League of Legends character energy/mana and project it on your LED strips (attached to desk, lamp or any other furniture). This allows you to see important game character information all the time..

Dota 2 or League of Legends character energy displayed on your desk – just the right information you need!

You can even use energy from Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter for player 1 and 2 separately. Display them both on your improved IKEA side lamps is just sexy 🙂

Where Reactivo really excels are the Doom or Need for Speed-like games. The quick response time of the LEDs really improves the atmosphere of your game.

We believe there will be a lot more game-light effects for future games.

How about movies?

If you really want to dive into atmosphere of the movie, REACTIVO is fantastic option. For a quick test, we watched STAR WARS: Roque One. Using LED strips attached to the furniture and it was just great. The furniture practically becomes the part of the movie.

Almost like Darth Vader comes into your room when using Reactivo ligthing

How about video blog lighting?

You can project practically anything to the pixel/digital LED strips. This really sets your YouTube movie blog apart from your competition. You can use different light scenes and animations for certain evens in your vlog. This really improves the quality of your video.

Intro, outro or any other event in your video blog – looks just better with proper Reactivo-like lighting

How about using it for home lighting?

Definitely. Reactivo allows you to control almost any kind of digital LED strips (TM1803, TM1809, APA, WS2811, WS2812, …). These LED strips controlled by Reactivo allow to light up your kitchen, stairs, garden or basically any room in your house or an apartment.

Where can I get it?

Just visit our web page and you can already order first pieces from the first produced batch for better pricing. And, if you’d like to see more examples of REACTIVO in action, please visit and join our Instagram or Facebook profiles.

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