We Have made new Tron Girls Costumes! Dolls just arrived

Despite the fact, there is an endless space for creativity with our existing suits, from time to time, we feel calling for creating a brand new type of Tron costume, just to surprise ourselves and of course our audience as well. Lately, this need was knocking on our door again, so we have decided to create a brand new version of Tron Girls costume. So what is interesting about our new piece?

Sit back and enjoy our choreography Tron Girls / Dolls In White Version

First of all, we didn’t aim to create something technologically elaborated, but rather something which looks feminine and sexy at the same time. This new costume is even technologically simpler than our previous costumes, but it gives us more glamorous and sexy feeling. Comparing to the rest of our suits with 16 segments, for this suit, we can control just 3 separate channels – hat, chest, and skirt.

Tron Girls – Dolls / White Version

Tron Girls / Dolls in White Version


The problem with 16 segments costumes is the cables. It is not possible to make them without a spiral cord, premeasured cables that are connecting the receivers with the LED parts of the costume. They are very practical but if you want to see a sexy costume, cables are not the first thing that hits your eyes. We made a simpler controller that can control 3 separate segments. For the shows to be more interesting, we added programable UV lights that can be precisely synchronized with music. Everything is available in our Led Strip Studio software.

Tron Girls and Dolls cables

 Spiral cord comparison

There are versions designs of sexy LED costumes available worldwide but to be honest they are not really smart costumes. Their problem is, that they can just simply glow but that’s it. No blinking, no UV, no synchronization… nothing. From our point of view, it´s quite boring, and we wanted much more.

We have tried dozens of options, for a good skeleton to fix the LEDs properly, and picked this one, as it is visually interesting and strong enough to be a good base for our LED strips.

Tron Girls / Dolls In Black Version

tg-dolls_Black Suits Version

Tron Girls/ Dolls in Black Version

During the process of creating, we had an idea to make two versions of costumes. One is suited for a full dark environment and the second one is for a mid-dark environment or twilight. The main difference is the UV and base fabrics. For a dark environment, we have picked full white colors that look amazing under the UV light what brings this show to a totally new dimension. For the mid-dark environment, it will be classic black color without UV, because you can see the actual dancers more properly. Like this, we can always decide what version to use for the different kinds of events because it´s a common problem for our client to make a full-dark room so we can use costumes for our shows.

Now, we can use these costumes as walking acts or an attraction for taking interesting pictures with the guests. On the other hand, you can still make a show, where girls appear and disappear during the Tron choreography, so this suit is very versatile.

Do you like our new costumes? Don´t hesitate to write us your thoughts.

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