Standalone mode – SPI LED Controller

Key feature of SPI LED controller is the versatility. Small size and compact design allows you to place it anywhere. Standalone mode allows you to place your controller next to your digital strip and leave the controller to auto-play effects that you can create in our LED Strip Studio software

Standalone mode

Without the need to connect this compact LED controller to different device, you are able to play effects and animations given you have right settings file and effects on your SD-Card. You just insert the card and the device starts sending the signal to the strip instantly. This is a good choice in case you have an access to controller and don’t want to use any additional devices.


LED Strip Studio Software

A powerful tool which allows you to light up almost any object using digital LED pixels or LED strips. Easy to use editor allows you to map and display animations on any kind of surface. We are using vectors that can be further modified. You are not limited by the shape or size of your installation. With every compact LED controller, you will get a license for our software as well.

A editor from Led Strip Studio Software where we are working with vectors that represent LED strips. Showing different tools that allows you to bend the line, rotate it, copy/paste.
Vector mapping in LSS Software

Basic settings

Manufacturers are constantly developing new types of LED chips. Both our software and hardware supports most of them. You can easily select the type you use from the menu shown during the process of creating a settings file. Here you set speed of animation and also the brightness value for the strip.

Printscreen showing where in standalone mode set the speed of animation and brightness of the strip.
Setting up Speed and Brightness of the strip

Also, the colour order of the strip does not have to always have to be the same. All this is adjustable to give you more options. Here you can find the list of currently supported IC types. The list is not definite and we are adding new types constantly. Just send us an email with specific type you would like to use and we will let you know what we can do.

Force LED count

Printscreen from LED Strip Studio Software showing Force LED feature that allows you to play animation on specific number of diodes of the strip
Force LED feature

Sometimes, you don’t want to play the animation on the whole length of the strip. So in standalone mode, we added an option to limit the number of diodes. Force LED Count feature allows you to set the number of diodes your animation will be played on. Without the need to change the parameters of your strip in mapping. This saves time and also potentially confusing situations, when you are not sure what settings you are currently working with.

At every stage and in every mode, you have to have SD card with correct settings file inserted in your controller. Check our previous articles and video for more instructions.

Complete knowledge base with user’s manual can be found on this link –

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