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Art-Net LED Controller

24 Art-Net universes

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SPI Matrix

Advanced LED controller. Convert Artnet to SPI. Supports Art-Net, sACN, LED Strip Studio software, DMX 512Also working in stand-alone mode. Advanced web configuration with quick status bar accessible through web browser. 

Control up to 4096 Digital RGB LEDs or 3072 RGBW LEDs or 24 full Art-Net universes.

Important to know

Tech Specs

Maximum of programmable RGB / RGBW LEDs

4096 RGB / 3072 RGBW LEDs

Maximum of Art-net Universes

24 full art-net universes

SPI LEDs Outputs

4 SPI outputs for LEDs

Supported IC type

TM1809, WS2811, WS2812, APA102, APA102_DOUBLE, APA102 16bit, D705, LPD6803, LPD8806, MBI6120, SM16716, SM16726, …


5 – 24 V DC

ce+eu invert

Connectors +


SPI Matrix supports most common connectors such as RJ-45, XLR in/out and converts Artnet to SPI connectors for your LEDs. You can also find a slot for SD-Card, DIP switch and buttons for control in stand-alone mode.

LED Strip Studio software license is not included with SPI Matrix, but you can use to control third-party art-net hardware and software. In case you like to upgrade SPI Matrix on LED Ethernet Controller contact our support team.

RJ-45 connector

2 x RJ-45

Allows you to control LEDs via LSS software and Art-Net. Daisy chain is available.

DMX 3 pin connector

XLR In/Out

Allows you to control LEDs via DMX. DMX daisy chain is available.

play effects from SD card

SD-Card slot

Allows you to play effects and animations without additional equipment in stand-alone mode.

DIP switch

An easy way to setup IP Address, DMX address and default animation from SD-Card.

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Daisy chaining more devices to share Art-Net/sACN signal through Ethernet cables with an RJ-45 connector. To each SPI Matrix you can connect another SPI Matrix or Art-Net device and create one line of devices sharing the Art-Net signal and convert Artnet to SPI.


See the basic schemes how to correctly daisy chain more devices.

User manual



You can use standard 3 pin XLR connectors to share DMX signal or even RJ-45 connector (In the user manual, you will find scheme how to connect with RJ-45 and XLR).


Of course, SPI Matrix can also receive Art-Net/sACN signal and convert it to DMX out, hence share it to another DMX devices.

User manual


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Do you need more help?

Two Michals

One of our Michals (M&M) will help you