MADRIX is a popular software that has a long tradition in LED world. It is a good tool for professionals that are working on a large scale projects. Our SPI Matrix device was developed to be able to work with all 3rd party software, including MADRIX. And in pair with our built-in tools, it is a great digital pixel controller for those that do not with to change their workflow, but are looking for alternative controllers.

Rectangle scheme

Before you start working on any project that has more than 1 LED strip in it, it is a good practice to create a scheme. A piece of paper is always a good choice, with more complicated projects, you should think about something more advanced.

We are working with a simple rectangle, which consists of four smaller rectangles. MADRIX is famous for their matrix editor, hence you will not have a problem with this.

What you should mark in the scheme is – signal flow, number of diodes, number of rows/lines.

Web-configuration tool

Each controller from LED Strip Studio is equipped with built in Web-configuration tool. This HTML page allows for quick setup of most important features. You can double check color order, the IC type selected, and much, much more.

Most importantly, you have here a Art-net dedicated section, where you can set the number of universes used for each segment, number of diodes and much more.

MADRIX Settings

In MADRIX, you first enable Art-net protocol. Than, you can hit search and the software will find devices on the same network as the computer. MADRIX separates the device into multiple parts. Hence you will see in case of SPI Matrix 4 to 5 devices.

This is due to the fact that it shows each output separately and each output can has maximum of 4 Art-net universe. You can confirm with Web-config tool if you have correct universes set up in MADRIX.

Patch editor

Here you will set up the resolution of your working canvas and the size of the LED matrix you are working with. It is a two to three clicks process, again, very intuitive.


Unless you are not familiar with Art-net protocol, check out this video:

A must know before you start working with MADRIX

This software is precise. That being sad, you need know how many channels a single diode needs, what is the difference between RGB and RGBW.


MADRIX is a mix-pult for visual storytellers, that can cut and fade between the effects like DJ. You can select effects, load them to banks and switch between left and right load ups.

It has powerful tools and really nice effects. We are working with a simple moving Color gradient. But, it has much more to offer.

In case you have any questions, let us know at – [email protected]

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