Single color channel SPI pixels

We’ve added a new feature to LED Strip Studio software – now it can control single color pixel LEDs over SPI/Art-Net.

Why just one color channel?

Most common LED pixels use 3 or 4 color channels – RGB and RGBW. But more and more creative installations like to use single-color LED pixels, typically white. They are controlled using standard WS2811, WS2812, TM, APA or any other pixel LED IC. But there are creative installations, which use e.g. only pure-white LED pixels.

Using Art-Net to control single color LED pixels

For example, if you use 1 Art-Net universe, it can control 170 RGB pixels. But instead you can use it as 510 separate white pixels. And this is exactly, what you can do now in latest LED Strip Studio software – you can set in Art-Net mapping to use for example just Red color channel of every pixel.

Art-Net color channels
Setting up Art-Net color channel count

Now for every LED strip added to Art-Net output in LED Strip Studio software you can define how many color channels it sends to output. Typically for creative installations you’ll use 1 color channel – but you can also use for example two (e.g. for LED diodes combining cold and warm white).

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