Xmas Dimmer – DMX control for traditional Christmas lights

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The traditional Christmas lights are usually pretty stupid. But they are beautiful and people love them.

The lights usually provide just a simple power adapter, which usually provides only up to 8 different blink modes. Using Xmas Dimmer you can control these lights using any DMX controller.

This controller turns boring blinking lights into fully programmable part of your Christmas light show.


DMX controller for traditional Christmas lights with two separate light lines. Usually the Christmas lights use 31 Volt adapter, which provides just a few blinking effects. Using Xmas Dimmer you can control up to 8 separate Christmas light strings using your DMX console (or DMX software).

Using two DMX channels you can control intensity of the two separate lines in every traditional Christmas light.

It’s easy to connect traditional Christmas light  to this controller. Just cut the two cables to the adapter and connect them to Xmas Dimmer and you’re ready to go.

Additional information

Weight70 g
Dimensions141 × 65 × 20 mm
Power Consumption


Working voltage


Number of outputs


Output connectors

Standard 2pin pluggable terminal with 5mm spacing

DMX channels

16 (two per output)

Control mode

DMX512, Stand-alone chases

Output type

AC (2 polarities with individual PWM control of each polarity)

Output PWM frequency

>1000Hz for each polarity

Maximum output current per each output


DMX connector

Wire-to-Board Header Pitch 2.54mm, Molex compatible

DMX address selector

DIP switch

Isolated DMX


Status LEDs



No, module only

Mounting option

4x holes 3.2mm diameter



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