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Online Training – LSS Software – BASIC

 19.0 100.0 excl. VAT

Date – 9th June 2020 – 15 : 00 CEST (+2 UTC)

Apx. duration – 3 hours



Online training for LED Strip Studio Software. The course is divided into sections:

  • Introduction – Who we are and what is our goal?
  • Installation – typical workflow, use-case scenario
  • Art-net hardware and license system – controllers used in the installation
  • Art-net Mapping – drawing editor, custom background, grid tool, Basic shapes
  • Strip animation – custom effects, animation library, keyframe editor
  • Video animation – custom effects, Screen grabber, video/picture effects
  • Visualization recorder – create a video for client
  • Measure strip tool – create price offer in few easy steps
  • Music synchronized LED shows – sync your shows with music
  • Q/A – ready for your questions


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We will explain the layout of the elements within the software, customization options and share our know-how for different projects. Mapping is key feature of our program and the Basic course is heavily focused around principles that will help you map faster and with greater precision. This is related to Art-net output which is especially interesting for those that want to create visualizations for their clients – for that you only need a single universe and some basic mapping skills. Specialized features are key helpers within mapping, whether it is recntagular screen that will instantly create a screen of LED strips or little but helpfull hacks such as Grid Tool.


The course will be streamed over Youtube. Single person/connection ticket costs 19€ ! Multiple tickets comes with nice discounts and for those that would like to also try out our hardware, we offer either coupons for next purchase or 1, 6 or 12 Art-net universes licence.


The offer is diverse and we believe you will find the one best suitable for your projects . Youtube allows you to post Live comments, we rely on your curiosity and we will be ready for your questions during the course 🙂


Bonuses: Download – Powerpoint from the presentation, mapping examples, extra effects and animations; Art-net universe – annual license for Art-net output which allows you to create visualizations (single Art-net universe) or package of 6/12 Universes; Coupon – self explanatory 🙂



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1, 1 +1, 1 +2, 1 + download + 1 Art-net universe license, 1 + download + 6 Art-net universes license, 1 + download + 12 Art-net universes license, 1 +20€ promo code, 1 +50€ promo code, 1 +100€ promo code, Mega – 3 + 3×6 Art-net universes license

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