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LED Strip Studio software Art-net license – 5 years

 30 2,048 excl. VAT

User-friendly Art-net LED control software

5 years license


LSS software allows you to create a large array of colorful effects for both digital and analog LED strips. You can use a custom background supplied by the client and easily create a visualization for the project.  Mapping is a matter of minutes and compared with competition easy and intuitive.


Designed for large projects,

but also for smaller and DIY LED installations.


LSS Software is compatible with LSS controllers and all 3-rd party Art-net LED controllers.



The Latest Update

New Dark mode GUI and more Basic shapes with an option to draw Polygon on a single click. LED Strip Studio mapping software is now better than ever.

For more details and a list of software features, please, visit the product page.

Technical specification

Additional information

Art-net Universes

1 Art-Net universe, 2 Art-Net universes, 6 Art-Net universes, 12 Art-Net universes, 24 Art-Net universes, 32 Art-Net universes, 64 Art-Net universes, 128 Art-Net universes, 512 Art-Net universes, Custom Art-Net universes license

Activation tutorial


Windows 10 only

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