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Gaming LED Controller – Reactivo

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Expand your display into the entire gaming room with a single Reactivo controller.


1 – Choose the location for your LED strips.
2 – Fix your LED strips and connect power cables.
3 – Connect the Reactivo controller and power it up.
4 – Use App, Software, Magic Screen Grabber, or another trigger tool.



Reactivo is not only about active grabbing your screen and displaying it on digital LEDs. Reactivo offers advanced mapping options, creating multiple dynamic effects and use different kinds of trigger options as sensors, apps, software, etc.

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Single Reactivo KIT contains
  • Reactivo LED Controller
  • SD-Card with 255 default ambient and dynamic effects
  • LED Strip Studio software license
  • Web application
  • An adapter (SATA or USB-C adapter) or power supply
  • LEDConnectors
  • 2 meters long addressable RGB LED strip (3M or magnetic tape on backside)
  • Additional accessories on request (SD-card adapter, box, bolts, adapters, etc.)


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