Shipping policy

Delivery time

Our business is located in Central Europe (Slovakia).


In Europe, standard Economy delivery takes 1-3 working days.


Outside of Europe this can be 2-5 days.


Express delivery, after agreement, can be ordered. This can shorten the shipping period outside of Europe to 2 days.


We cannot nor ever will guarantee the delivery time. However, you will always receive a tracking code for your delivery.

In case you have any questions, please contact us at – [email protected]


Shipping timeframe


Once we receive the payment, we can ship the order on the same day. Please notice that in case we are assembling custom products, cabling etc. for you, we need at least a day for production.

We understand that fast and reliable delivery is very important. We will respond to your request on projects with tight deadlines sent to – [email protected]


What is included in shipping?


In order to prevent any damage happening to your product, we need to carefully pack it. This takes some skilled manpower and material. This is included in the shipping costs.

Any additional costs, especially those due to the customs authorities, will be included in the shipping as well.


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