Search for Art-Net decoders

In the latest version of LED Strip Studio software you can search for connected ArtNet devices in your local network. And you can also set the order of RGB or RGBW channels on the ArtNet output.

Search for ArtNet device on your local network

The new feature will send so-called ArtNet Poll (ArtPoll and ArtPollReply) request. This will locate all ArtNet devices connected to your local network – over Ethernet cable or even over wireless Wi-Fi networks.

To use the search feature go to Mapping from main menu. And in ArtNet section of the Mapping window you have new button – Search for Art-Net Device.


Search for Art-Net SPI decoder
New Search for Art-Net device button in Art-Net mapping

After the search is finished, LED Strip Studio will give you the list of found devices. You can even see their names, which is very practical when using several Art-Net SPI LED controllers.

Order of RGB channels for ArtNet to SPI decoder

Some cheaper, more simple ArtNet decoders provide fixed order of Red, Green and Blue channels. We think it’s quite basic feature, but not everyone thinks so. Both our Reactivo or SPI Matrix Art-Net controllers allow you to change order of RGB or RGBW channels in the web configuration.

In the new version of LED Strip Studio software you can change the order of RGB or RGBW output channels for every LED strip in Art-Net mapping. The feature is quite simple – just drag and drop some of R, G, B and W channels in the LED strip settings.



Change order of RGBW channels
RGBW color channel order

Powerful ArtNet pixel mapping software

LED Strip Studio is just perfect when using our LEC3 controllers. But even if you’re not so lucky and you have to use some cheap SPI decoders, it’s quite a powerful tool to create LED pixel mapping installations. And in the latest version it has become even stronger :).

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