sACN protocol and our digital pixel LED controllers

Increasingly more popular protocol for controlling LED lights, strips and pixels, sACN is one more addition to control options for your LED strips. You can now utilize any software that supports sACN and use our SPI Matrix and LED Ethernet Controller 3.

I am using MadMapper software but you can of course use any software that can send sACN data. Also, as always, I am using  an LED strip. One I am using has 300 diodes in total.

Control modes and priority
Please note that certain control modes, such as our software and test mode have priority, so make sure to turn the software output off or cancel test mode.

Once you create your strip or fixture or whatever for the number of pixels, you have to set the same value in the Web configuration tool.

Web configration tool with dedicated tab sACN settings opened in web browser.

Web configuration tab for sACN protocol

The Web configuration tool is a fancy name for a local host web page stored on your device, hence you can access it with any browser after typing in the IP address of the controller, given that it is on the same network as your computer.

Flashing yellow diode
Once you send the data to the device it will automatically detect it. A flashing yellow diode means your device is receiving sACN data.

You can see the number of Universes used for the set number of pixels, in this case universe 1 and 2. You can also set a few other parameters that I will cover in a minute.

Web configuration tool with highlighted

Advanced settings – LEDs per Pixel

f you are connected, a strip should display your effect. I am now using the whole length of the strip that has 5 meters and a total of 300 pixels.

What I can do is to tell the device to create a pixel that has more than one diode. Let’s say I change the pixel size/Number of pixels to 150 pixels. I set the same value in the Number of Pixels but now, I will change the value “LEDs per Pixel” to 2 .

Web configuration and MadMapper software oppened showing we are using only one universe.

I am now using only the first universe but still lighting up the whole length of the strip. Of course, the effect is not as fluid and this might have limited usage, but if you are looking for a way to save some universes, this might be a good option not only for sACN, but also for Art-net.

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