Reactivo – expand your PC game screen to LED strips

The Reactivo software brings life to Reactivo hardware. We’ve developed the software to allow you easily grab selected screen pixel color and send them to gaming LED strips.

Why do we need special screen grabbing software?

When you play the game, the light atmosphere in the room should respect the colors of the game. This really helps you to dive into the game. Check our test setup running demo for Unreal Engine 5:

Unreal Engine 5 demo – colors from your monitor on your furniture

As you can see, the whole room is turned into reactive LED gaming light. Not just the background of your TV – but also the IKEA lamps, your desk or the cabinets behave like they are a part of the game. This is done thanks to Reactivo software. It grabs the selected portion of your screen and sends it to gaming LED strips attached to your furniture.

How to send screen pixel color to gaming LED strip?

In the Reactivo software you can draw LED segments to be sent to the LED strips. E.g. you can draw LED segment over Dota 2 hero energy and this energy will be then displayed on your LED gaming strip.

Dota 2 hero energy
Draw segment over Dota 2 energy bar ...
Dota 2 hero energy displayed on desk
…and you’ll see the hero energy on your desk.

You can select any portion of your screen to be displayed on any gaming LED strip in your gaming room. We often refer to this LED strip position setup as “mapping” – what screen pixels should be displayed on what LED strip.

Do you want to use many LED strips in your gaming room?

The more strips you use, the better. You can use several Reactivo devices and many LED strips in your gaming setup. In the software you can set the positions of your LED strips and the software will grab the screen and send the color pixels to your LED strips. This way you can practically cover all your room with LED strips. We did :).

How about the color quality?

The software allows you to set all the basic parameters for every LED segment separately. You can set brightness, contrast or hue to adjust the output colors as you need. It’s especially important to e.g. lower the brightness for camera when shooting the video. This can be done in just a few seconds in the settings.

Screen grabber settings in Reactivo - brightness, contrast, ...
You can set the brightness or contrast for every LED segment

Using Nanoleaf?

In case you use Nanoleaf light panels (the triangles), you can also use Reactivo software as a screen grabber. This allows you to maintain the color atmosphere of your game or movie even when using Nanoleaf products. The software can even read the configuration of your panels, so they respect the position of your triangles in your real gaming room.

Nanoleaf screen grabber mapping in Reactivo software
Nanoleaf mapping – you can select what portion of the screen should be displayed on your light panels

CPU requirements

We’ve tried to focus on the performance of the software a lot. We know, the gamers are sensitive to the performance of their PCs. That’s why Reactivo software doesn’t need a lot of CPU power to run. Usually it requires less than 5% of your CPU power (measured on Intel i5).

How about the movies?

We believe, watching movies when grabbing your screen and displaying on pixel LED strips really improves the movie experience. Especially the sci-fi movies are great when using Reactivo. Here even the performance of the software doesn’t matter, since the movie can be played on very slow PCs.

What’s next for the software?

We always develop new version of our software products bringing the new features. Already in the latest version you can e.g. assign hotkeys to scenes, which allows you quickly select certain scene. This is especially practical for e.g. live stream videos. But there are lot more features coming, so you can use the Reactivo hardware on full power!

Reactivo – perfect gaming back light

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