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Trafo Music Bar

Custom LED installation in progressive nightclub

Trafo Music Bar

Music bar lights done in a right way! Trafo Music Bar, Bratislava, is one of the most progressive places on city’s nightlife map. Owners decided to re-design the place and due to our previous cooperation, we were asked again to prepare and install 10 huge profiles on the ceiling and two smaller yet pretty funky walls.


Both walls are controlled with LEC3 with effects stored on SD/Card, thus working as a standalone device with looping effects. To play animations and videos on the ceiling we are using Screen Grabber tool from our LED Strip Studio software. From previous installations done in bars we decided to cover the strips in profiles with diffusors for protection. The whole process can be seen in the short video. All is running silky smooth thanks to our devices and software.



Installation in numbers


Location: Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Manufacturers: LED Strip Studio
Installation: Showtacle s.r.o.
Client: Medusa Group – Trafo Music Bar
Materials Used: Walls – 30mx2  (60 diodes on meter) of strips on two walls, 3×2 power supplies, 2xLEC 3 controller; Ceiling – 400m of digital LED strip (60diodes/m), 10 steel frames, 6xLEC3 controllers, 20x power supply, one LED Strip Studio Software licence

December 5, 2018


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