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One of the very first big installation for RTVS

LED Strip Studio > One of the very first big installation for RTVS

One of the very first big installation for RTVS

This was one of the first bigger installations we did. We needed approximately 600 m of LED strips and for the first time we’ve used more than 300 m of digital LED strips. The installation was quite easy – we were only 2 technicians back then, who did the complete hardware installation, and we had to do some upgrades to new LSS2 software (it was brand new back then).


The new features for the LSS2 included ability to be controlled over Midi. There is Midi director, where you can define, what scene and what bank is activated, while certain Midi note is received. This feature is used to switch scenes automatically when game round changes. This allows us to get rid of all human mistakes like “I forgot to press that button” when it was required. The main game software just sends the Midi note in the right time.



Midi Controller which we were used about 5 years


The second use of the Midi notes is while the player buttons are being pressed. This will light up the left or right part of the game area depending on which player was faster. It’s quite nice to see, all the game scene is integrated into the game itself.


The second feature we had to implement into LED Strip Studio software, are overlay scenes. They allow to run scenes “on top of each other”. It means that the selected scene is still running while the overlay scene is activated for some (typically short) period and it’s drawn over the original scene. This allows e.g. the complete studio to go red at incorrect player answer. This feature is also used when left or right player wins (quicker press the button).


LSS multiple scene

Multiple scene of LSS for wrong answer of player


5vs5 was one of our first TV Studio jobs and it was running on screen for more than 5 years using the very same LED strips. We’ve fixed some strips maybe twice per these 5 years – quite a good job!


August 21, 2017


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