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The first installation of LED lighting on building

LED Strip Studio > The first installation of LED lighting on building

The first installation of LED lighting on building

Not every day happens that the first work experience in some field is able to accelerate the progress of whole company in many ways.


When client told us to draw his customers in the building after sunset, we started to work on the exterior lighting immediately. From the beginning it was clear we were able to satisfy his request. That’s why we have installed 90 meters of analog LED strips, on which we put blue LED diodes according to the client’s terms.


The LED strips switch on automatically thanks to light sensor, which can read the level of sunlight in surroundings. This installation has been continuously working since 2012. Even till now there was no need to do any repairs, for we did not use cheap strips – inappropriate for long-term working. This is one of the facts we consider the most important in comparison with our rivals.


light senzor

Light sensor allows automatically switch on/off LEDs


Finally, we add something special for our readers: we did not know that blue color attracts insect so much. That’s why there was found huge amount of flies between the LED strips and bar. After we cleaned all the mass up, we sealed thoroughly everything. For our company it was experience beyond price.


LED insect

Blue color attracts insect


The work on the exterior lighting of the building was not only the great opportunity to use LED strips. We were awarded a more complex view on what we are doing and the influence it has on environment.


April 14, 2017



  • Posted at 7:35 am, December 14, 2020

    I would love to have these lights on my new building

    • Michal Pokluda
      Posted at 8:42 am, December 15, 2020

      Sure, contact us and we can help you with that.

      • altaf
        Posted at 5:48 am, September 29, 2021

        send your contact detail

    Posted at 5:21 am, February 11, 2021

    Would like to have on my property exterior all around the slope roof

    • Michal Pokluda
      Posted at 6:16 am, February 11, 2021

      You can use basically any kind of quality LED strips, just make sure, you install them into aluminum profile. Or you can use our LED bars, which is easier to install and maintain.

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