LED bars for Slovak Movie Awards

We’ve used our LED pixel bar to create interesting shape of sun at the latest Slovak Movie Awards (also called Sun in the Net).

Why pixel LED bars?

Initial client’s idea was to create shape of the sun using pixel LED strips. It’s a good idea in case you install the strips for long-time running installation (like bar or club). But for the one-time event like Movie Awards it’s not worth it to do the complete installation of all the power sources, LED strips and LEC3 controllers. That’s why we recommended to use 1 meter long pixel LED bars instead.

Cable mess
Of course you can’t completely avoid cable mess 🙂

LED installation made easily

It’s really time consuming installing pixel LED strips. All the mess with the cables, power sources, controllers and connection problems… anyway, our pixel LED bars are really easy to install and connect. The Powered LEC controller allows you to connect and power up to 12 meters of individual pixel LED bars. We’ve used 10 of the Powered LEC controllers on the sun to control 190 pieces of 1-meter long LED bar. And we’ve also installed pixel LED strip in the middle of the sun.

Whole the installation took about 2 hours. It’s really fast comparing to pixel LED strips. Usually we use simple rule of thumb – 1 meter of strip needs about 1 hour of installation. To install 190 meters in 2 hours – that’s pretty good 🙂 …

Inspiration by Epic club, Prague

Typical installation process

There are just few steps when using pixel LED bars in your installation:

  • Install the LED pixel bar
  • Install controllers (typically Powered LEC)
  • Connect all the cables
  • Create mapping
  • Choose the type of control
  • Perform your show

In this installation the client required live HDMI signal to be projected on the sun. That’s why we’ve used Intensity PRO HDMI grabber card and LED Strip Studio software to control the whole object.

All the steps are pretty straightforward and easy to follow. The LED bars really help the rental business in case you need to create original lightning shapes like sun.

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