Øuroboros – Art Installation

Oroboros art installation in front of Oldr Market in the City Center of Bratislava. A nice contrast between Old and New, permanent vs temporary.

What is hidden inside Øuroboros?

They built the piece from cylindric truss and an enormous mass of different cables. We used single LED Ethernet Controller 3. The circle is actually  made of two pieces. Each has 3 digital strips (30 diodes/meter) hidden inside a protective tube. 

We sealed all electrical components. It is outside, exposed to elements, so it has to weatherproofed. As additional diffuser layer guys also used white electrical tape. This way, you have a nice, continuous effects playing in sync with music

Animations and effects

Experienced artists like Radovan and Alex had no problem creating videos and animations. They rendered effects for Øuroboros themselves. Then it is simple drag and drop into LED Strip Studio software as video effect.

All we had to provide were dimensions for the video. In the software, you can use a Grid tool. Set up how many points are in your matrix and thus creating dimensions for your video. Pretty easy 🙂 

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