Our new digital LED ceiling

We have just recently moved to a new building. And since we now own the place, what better way to decorate it then few LED strips 🙂

LEC3 controller is well hidden in the ceiling. Of course, we connected it to our local network. Thus, we are able to play the content from any PC with LED Strip Studio software license. To attach the LED strips, we installed aluminium profiles where they fit perfectly. And to diffuse the light a bit we added plastic cover over the profiles.

Main objective was to cut perfect holes for the profiles. Honestly, this was a real pain. And new level of “precise”. To complicate things a bit more, we decided to create some intersections. Cutting the angles where two profiles are supposed to meet – that was a new level of hell. We can do a lot of precise, small and large scale work on our own. But this was painstakingly long process.

Overall, we spent about a week with this in-house installation. As mentioned, we used single LEC3 Controller, 24m of RGBW digital strip with 42diodes/m and 3 power sources.

The only think that was missing – a nice show synced with music. Richi from Tron Event Agency helped us in this regards and you enjoy the visual again.

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