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Mr. Dimmer

high frequency PWM dimmer with power supply inside

We are introducing to you a Complex Dimmer, which allows you to control 52* meter of Analog LED Strip or bar.

*in case 30 LEDs/m Analog LED Strips with 320W 24V 13A  power source

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High-frequency PWM dimmer, power supply included

4x3 individual open-drain PWM Outputs

Mr. Dimmer allows you to control 4 individual analog RGB LED strips using 12 RGB channels. For professional TV installations, you can even ask for 16bit color channel precision. High-frequency PWM is flicker free on camera.

52 meters of Analog LED Strips without additional power injection

Because the 320 W 24V DC power supply is an inner part of Mr. Dimmer, you can use it for up to 52 meters of Analog LED Strips, 30 LEDs per meter. Please note that the maximal current per each analog output is 13 A.

13 A / out
gif mr dimmer status leds with purpose

Status LEDs with a purpose

Status LEDs of Mr. Dimmer give you useful information about your LED dimmer in real time:


  1. Out LEDs let you know that analog signal is running through analog output. In this case, if your analog LED light doesn’t shine, the problem can’t be in power cable, power supply, even in control unit inside of Mr. Dimmer. You know that the problem can be in your RGB LEDs or connection between Mr. Dimmer and your LED strip.


  1. Mr. Dimmer Status LEDs – Green LED means I’m on. Flashing Orange LED means I’m receiving DMX signal.

Power supply inside

We are offering several kinds of a power supply which can be integrated inside of Mr. Dimmer – 320W 24V, 320W 12V, 200W 24V (fanless), 200W 12V (fanless), another optional power supply on request.


Power-Con Daisy-chain is one of the most useful features which is also supported in Mr. Dimmer device.

power daisy chain scheme
DMX daisy chain scheme of more mr. dimmer devices

Daisy Chain all your Dimmers

There are situations where you need to do it quickly connect another MR. Dimmer device. You can do that easily and share DMX signal over standard 3 pin DMX XLR connector or RJ-45 connector. You can do combinations of booth option of course.

Example of usage and gallery


Technical specification of Mr. Dimmer