Measure Strip Tool

Automatic strip calculator that can give you a quick estimation of controllers and strip needed for a project. You can also use it to map automatically an object in LED Strip Studio Software.

Background image

Select an image that has high contrast between light and dark parts that will server as a background. On top of this you will draw your lines in mapping. The strip calculator tool automatically select the areas inside the rectangle with lighter parts and draws the strips.

It is a good practise, when working with some photo, to ask the client for a night picture or adjust the photo in photo manipulation software (such as GIMP, Photoshop, Fast Stone Viewer etc.)

Distance between strips

Determines how tightly the strips will be next to each other. Different projects requires different number of LED strips next to each other so that they produce a nice picture. No universal rule applicable here. We are happy to share our experience on a particular project.

RGB Threshold

A screenshot from Measure Strip Tool - Strip Calculator with highlighted areas of key settings and parameters.
A UI of strip calculator

Chance of getting a simple black and white image is close to zero. Most likely it will be 50 shades of grey. Threshold value, as suggested, can tackle different shades in colors so that the strip calculator tool will consider only parts that you really want to cover with LED strips.

Measure line length

Scale represented by the green line at the bottom. Tool takes this into account when calculating the total length of the strips for the project.

Strip calculator statistics

After the strips cover the area they are intending to on the object, you can consider what numbers did the strip calculator tool generated. Each Output is visually represented by a color so that you can quickly tell from the picture how many outputs are needed for the whole object, thus how many controllers you will need.

Export strips

When you are done with the settings and are happy with the resulted strips and want to continue with the mapping, you can click on Export Strips.

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