Mapping Grid

To help you with the mapping process, we added a Grid feature. This way, you can set-up a grid of points visible against the background.

These points help you lead a straight lines. This way, you can be sure that the angle is always 90°. This can be practical if you are working on a idea that requires precision.

The tools is accessible in mapping section of the software as seen below. Enter View in the Menu bar and click on Grid. You can also quickly turn the mapping grid on and off with the button in the tools bar.

To set up a grid to your preferences, go again to View, and click on Setup grid. Adjust the density of the grid points with desired value.

GIF showing how to turn ON and OFF the Mappng grid.

In case you are working with lots of straight lines or want to cover a large area with lots of strips, we recommend to use rectangular screen tool. This will allow you to create at once large number of curves which you can then modify through mapping grid.

Make sure to check out our tutorials on our YouTube channel. For more details and tricks and trick for our software, check out this LED Strip Studio software.

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