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LED Strip Studio Software



Enjoy all new features of Art-net LED control software in the latest release!


LSS software allows you to create a large array of colorful effects for your LED strips. You can use custom background supplied by the client and easily create a visualization for the project.  Mapping is a matter of minutes and compared with competition easy and intuitive.

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LED Strip Studio release details


Find newest releases, check what we fixed and what was added to enhance your experience with LSS Software! We want to be transparent, thus every major change is here, visible to you all. In case you would like to get the email every time we release a new version, Subscribe above!

New Features:
  • Basic shapes – Polygon – similar to Rectangle and Circle, you can now add N-gon, thus insert any shape easily and conveniently
  • NEW GUI – Dark mode – now you can enjoy new Gray theme
More changes:
  • Brand new dark mode user interface
  • Added polygon to basic shapes
  • Open recent file now updates list of recent files
  • Highlight strips in mapping now works even if there is no scene running
  • Fixed enable/disable buttons, when bank/scene/show is selected or not selected
  • Add animation to non-existing group in animation library
  • Fixed Art-Net mapping overlap display
  • Fixed reset parameter when opening strip animation editor
  • Replace animation – now behaves in line with user settings
  • Better selection color in animation library
  • Different colors in bank window
  • Fixed curve selection in editor when grid is enabled
  • Mapping editor – fixed selection tool – hold Down shift to select multiple segments in mapping editor
  • Fixed key focus in strip editor – while typing scene name, animation from library is not applied
New Features:
  • Basic shapes – add simple shapes such as Rectangle and Circle on a single click
  • Horizontal/Vertical lines – now you can add multiple either vertical or horizontal lines simultaneously
  • Read blog for more info –
More changes:
  • Added basic shape creation in mapping.
  • Software Settings window now displays correctly when used different Windows text scale.
  • Color dialog is now displayed within visible user area.
  • Art-Net mapping is cleared when new workspace is clicked (removes all the Art-Net settings).
  • Software doesn’t crash now, when using empty LED strips in workspace.
  • Pure-black magic mode now works again without crash.
  • You can now attach some control window to the document pane (maybe not so practical, but possible).
  • There was an occasional crash when exporting files to LN2 file.
New Features:
  • Enhanced preview – now only the portion of the strip or segment is zoomed in the preview in bank. You can see precisely which part of the installation you used in your effect
  • Morph – create stunning effects with this new transition. Light up the diodes one by one – more here –
New Features:
  • Version 3.3.7. now supports DirectX 10 graphic cards (such as GTS250)
New Features:
  • Added feedback button.
  • Added support for TM1914 and DMX (both RGB and RGBW versions) LED control chips.
  • Preview LEDs are removed when deleting last strip in workspace.
  • Multi scene editor now display selected/edited scene in multi-scene list.
  • Removed dependency on DirectX 9.0c, which is not installed by default in Windows.
  • Screen grabber now shows grabbed portion of the screen.
  • Improved text rendering speed.
  • Delete multiple strips in mapping now works and doesn’t ask stupid questions 🙂
  • Multiple to single monitor change now moves the windows to visible area



Fixed Bugs:
  • Crash for non-existent strips in Ethernet mapping is now fixed.
  • Empty banks are not displayed in the workspace after loading.
  • Grid in mapping now works as it should – for both, adding and editing points.
  • Black frame is now being sent out of the device,New when all scenes are off.
  • Settings windows is now not displaying in taskbar and is displayed over the main window.
  • Render to scene/show video now remembers the render size.
  • Groups in mapping are now automatically removed once they’re empty.
  • Fixed Display selected color in Color balance.
  • Color Balance window was not redrawn correctly all the time, it should be better now. Anyway, it’s done in older Windows user interface, that’s why it’s causing some problems.
  • Added undo step for color balance settings in strip mapping.
  • Analog RGBW led strip in ArtNet mapping now works well.
  • Remove strip from list of strips now also removes it from ArtNet mapping.
  • Fixed low color for strip scenes – now it works for all strips in scene.
  • Fixed default animation library (most of the library animations used strange offsets).
  • Firmware update for LEC3.2 now also works.
  • Fixed crash when deleting some show (and playing).
  • Fixed invert direction in maping.
New Features:
  • First public beta version of ArtNet recorder


Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed old workspace loading
  • Fixed ArtNet – now the IP address can be set to
New Features:
  • Render scene/show to video
  • Option to set last ArtNet IP byte to 255 to enable broadcast


Improved Features:
  • Added OK button to ArtNet device IP address setting


Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed background window color in 2D color effects palette editor
New Features:
  • ArtNet output support
  • Removed Showtacle activation
  • Added grid to mapping


Improved Features:
  • Reverse segment order is now applied also in ArtNet output
  • Workspace startup commands now work


Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed hot-key cancel by pressing ESC in selection groups
  • Fixed save/load low level color in video and strip scenes
  • Show recording