Light up the strip from first to last diode? Easy …

Before version 3.3.8. of LED Strop Studio software it was quite a problem to light up LED strip from first LED to the last. Now thanks to new Morphing transition for digital animations it’s a lot easier.

New morphing transition is now available in animation editor

What this morphing transition does it tries to move every point of the palette to corresponding point of the palette in next frame. That’s why you can get best results if you use the same amount of palette points .

Following example will create increasing line from the middle of the selected LED strip:

It’s recommended to use same amount of palette points in every key frame

It’s also great to use the morphing in Color Effects (video scenes). Especially practical for LED dance (Tron dance) shows when you want to light up the dancer from the feet to head.

Light up the dancer from feet to head – few seconds work …

As you can see from previous image, you can even use multiple colors in the morphing palette.

Multiple colors when using morphing transition.

After testing this new feature, we recommend to keep some distance between last color and black color. This will create smoother animation when turning on LED diodes.

Animation is smoother if you keep some distance between last color and black

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