LED Strip Studio 3.3.6 – new software release

New LED Strip Studio 3.3.6 brings a lot of new features and improvements. We’ve fixed also lot of bugs from previous software versions. Let’s look what we’ve prepared for you in the new release.

New features

  • Added feedback button.
  • Added support for TM1914 and DMX (both RGB and RGBW versions) LED control chips.
  • Preview LEDs are removed when deleting last strip in workspace.
  • Multi scene editor now display selected/edited scene in multi-scene list.
  • Removed dependency on DirectX 9.0c, which is not installed by default in Windows.
  • Screen grabber now shows grabbed portion of the screen.
  • Improved text rendering speed.
  • Delete multiple strips in mapping now works and doesn’t ask stupid questions.
  • Multiple to single monitor change now moves the windows to visible area.

Bug fixes

  • Crash for non-existent strips in Ethernet mapping is now fixed.
  • Empty banks are not displayed in the workspace after loading.
  • Grid in mapping now works as it should – for both, adding and editing points.
  • Black frame is now being sent out of the device,New when all scenes are off.
  • Settings windows is now not displaying in taskbar and is displayed over the main window.
  • Render to scene/show video now remembers the render size.
  • Groups in mapping are now automatically removed once they’re empty.
  • Fixed Display selected color in Color balance.
  • Color Balance window was not redrawn correctly all the time, it should be better now. Anyway, it’s done in older Windows user interface, that’s why it’s causing some problems.
  • Added undo step for color balance settings in strip mapping.
  • Analog RGBW led strip in ArtNet mapping now works well.
  • Remove strip from list of strips now also removes it from ArtNet mapping.
  • Fixed low color for strip scenes – now it works for all strips in scene.
  • Fixed default animation library (most of the library animations used strange offsets).
  • Firmware update for LEC3.2 now also works.
  • Fixed crash when deleting some show (and playing).
  • Fixed invert direction in maping.

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