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LED Ethernet Distributor 2

LED Strip Studio > LED Ethernet Distributor 2

LED Ethernet Distributor

It allows you to control another 4000 LEDs! LED Distributor is operated via MMX protocol. Furthermore, it contains MMX output, which allows you to control even another Controller or Distributor from LED Strip Studio.

Tech Specs

The most important details about LED Ethernet Distributor you can find below. For more detailed description, please, contact us at [email protected].

Maximum od LEDs4000
SPI LEDs Outputs4
Maximum od LEDs per Output1000
Power5 – 24 V
Dimensions69.5 x 66 x 20 mm

Why should you use LED Distributor?

LED Ethernet Distributor is useful for big and more complicated installations, if you have to control many LEDs (more than 4000 LEDs). In this case there is a need to spread the signal over a long distance (considering SPI out signal loss at wide range). However, there is a quick solution for your dilemma โ€“ Ethernet cable, which is capable of transmitting data over long distances without any loss. We are talking about couple of meters. It really comes in handy at installations with separated blocks like TV Studio installations.


MMX signal spreads to every LED Distributor over Ethernet cable. In the same way you are able to transmit it from one to another (distributor or controller).

MMX In/Out over Ethernet

allows you to control LEDs via MMX over Ethernet connector

DIP Switch

allows you to configure IP Address of LED distributor


The distributor serves only to dispatch signal. Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s necessary to use one of our controllers (LEC 3, LEC SPI or LEC powered). Please, read the manual for LED installation with using LED control system.


Use DMX standard for controlling your LEDs. LED Ethernet controller 3 supports 3 pin DMX connector.

Many times you need control complete system live. For these cases use LED Strip Studio software.

More about LED Srtips Studio software

Wireless DMX

For more comfortable controlling your LEDs, please, use wireless DMX options. Let us know anything liked to this matter.


In case you need to control your LEDs direct from LEC SPI you can use two buttons for that.

Stand-alone mode

This mode allows you to control LEDs over SD-card and you don’t need any kind of software to control it. Choose effects by using buttons or DMX signal.