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64 RGBW LEDs bar + controller with power supply inside




  • for Entertainment industry,
  • shows and corporate events,
  • as short or long-term decoration,
  • with no additional power injections
Buy 10 LED Bars & Controller
Tech. specification
rgbw led bars control system

With the LED bar control system, you can easily create and control unlimited numbers of LED animations for your stage effects or custom installations.

Each package contains 10 LED bars, which have a total of 640 digital RGBW LED pixels and one LED Controller with 4 SPI Outputs and power supply inside. You can add as many LED bars as you want and control it with LED Strip Studio software for free.

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Way of control


There are several ways how to control LED Bar system –  You can use media servers or computer with a Black Magic grabber card for live streaming. Of course, there are options as a lighting console, Art-Net, DMX protocol, Stand-alone mode, LED Strip Studio software and many others.

Custom configurations – it only

depends on your needs


There are several ways and combinations of how to connect LED bars. Simply connect one, two or even ten LED bars in one line to a single XLR output. Of course, you can do a different combination and use all four XLR outputs or add another LEC Powered controller and more LED bars.

The limitation is only power source inside your LEC Powered Controller that can power 10 LED bars. Each package will ensure perfect colors and no brightness loss.

Extension cables

Each installation or stage is different. We can provide professional extension cables so that you won’t end up with a power cord that wouldn’t suit your needs and geometry of stage. All cables are shielded and can reliably carry signal to up to 40m from a controller to first bar. Silicone cables are durable and can be used both outside and indoors.

IP 65/67 solution

LED bars are certified to IP65 or even IP67 standards. The same certification has all connectors. We can provide, on request, an IP65 LED Controller or we can place it in a box with similar certification too.

Clamp mounting

Each bar has several aluminum profiles inside that has standard M2 threads. Stage clamps are ideal mount solution as you can move with the small profiles inside the bar and adjust the position to your needs.

Bracket mechanism

Easy click-bracket allows you to connect your bars to a single line. We can also provide specific brackets on request so that you can connect your bars into a star or square.

NO limit on number of LED bars on single installation

There is no limitation for a quantity of RGBW LED bars on a single installation. All LED Ethernet Controllers support Ethernet, DMX and power daisy chaining.


Here are only a few ways of how to control LED bars within your existing system or with our LED Strip Studio Software. Usually, it’s a combination of a client’s system and LSS software. One example, given that you are using our software, is the text on your bars as seen on the left.