LED accesosories for sports with REACTIVO

LEDs and objects of any kind. That is our specialty. Whether it is for Tron Event agency projects, theater or event decorations, we have worked on several such installations in past. We mostly used a pretty simple setup.
A larger battery pack with 12V analog LED strip and a single color. Enhanced with a switch, a user had an option to turn the object ON/OFF.

LED accesosories with REACTIVO

With REACTIVO and digital strips we really leaped forward. Yes, we have done projects where we used digital before, but now we can easily change the animations via Wi-Fi with this new controller. We are using 5V strip so we can use powerbank of any kind for fair amount of strip.

An LED bicycle with strips on wheels and center tube, LED skareboard and LED bow

Want to try REACTIVO?

If you are looking for a nice looking device that works over wiFi completly, thus leaving you more room and less cabling/soldering, REACTIVO might be just what you are looking for.

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