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How to do LED strip installations remotely 5000 kilometers away?

Our good client from Japan came with an idea. How to really improve the entrance of one of the most luxurious shopping malls in Japan? Watch video ?.


The thing is, our customer could not use soldering machine or any kind of “dirty” work. All had to be ready for quick installation. That’s why we prepared all the LED strips and completed wiring in Slovakia. This is the entire plan we agreed upon:


Complete wiring of LED installation

Complete detailed plan of wiring and LED strip cutting.


It might looks a bit complicated, but it contains all required information to do complete wiring and LED strip cutting. You can see there is each length of the LED strips and wires. Thanks to that we could calculate all required power sources and wire thickness.


There is also a nice way of control, using popular S.T.I.C.K. DMX controller from Nicolaudie. It controls our LED Strip Studio board, so the user doesn’t need a computer at all. He just uses this control panel to switch between different light scenes and is also able to control brightness and speed of animations.


As you can see, if the client is able to prepare the exact plan of LED installation, we can do it no matter how far away is the installation itself. Our client only has to put LED strips and wires on the right spot ?.

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