New modern user interface in new LED Strip Studio 3.5

Graphical User Interface (GUI) is not always the most important feature of the software. But, let’s be honest – it’s a lot more convenient to work with nice looking application. Enjoy new Gray theme!

The new dark gray theme design is now popular with most of the graphic software (like Adobe Photoshop or Premiere) and it’s practically standard for software development in 2020. It’s especially useful for us, light designers. The computer monitor doesn’t shine that much when using the software in a dark environment.

Comparasion of Old vs New Graphic User Interface in Gray theme
New vs Old User Interface

We’ve upgraded user interface for all “windows” in LED Strip Studio. Every section – the mapping window, strip editor or video editor – are now inline with this new gray theme.


In the previous version, we added the new Basic shapes functions. We’re now adding additional shape – Polygon. This allows you to draw N-gon.

New entry in Basic shapes menu in Mapping section - option to ad Polygon with new Gray theme applied
Polygon shape in the menu

You can set number of sides of the polygon and also number of pixels (LED points) per every side.

A polygon settings window with Number of Segments at the Top and Number of LEDs in line at the botttom.
Polygon settings – number of segments (sides) and number of LEDs in every line (side/segment)

What else?

We constantly try to improve LED Strip Studio (LSS). But, sometimes there are software bugs we must fix. Therefore, with this new version, LSS becomes even more stable. Here is the complete list of new features and bug fixes:

  • Brand new dark mode user interface
  • Added polygon to basic shapes
  • Open recent file now updates list of recent files
  • Highlight strips in mapping now works even if there is no scene running
  • Fixed enable/disable buttons, when bank/scene/show is selected or not selected
  • Add animation to non-existing group in animation library
  • Fixed Art-Net mapping overlap display
  • Fixed reset parameter when opening strip animation editor
  • Replace animation – now behaves in line with user settings
  • Better selection color in animation library
  • Different colors in bank window
  • Fixed curve selection in editor when grid is enabled
  • Mapping editor – fixed selection tool – hold Down shift to select multiple segments in mapping editor
  • Fixed key focus in strip editor – while typing scene name, animation from library is not applied

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