Football match with LED costumes and lasers!

First of all – Go Blue! Or Red! It doesn’t really matter. We are fans of sport, not particular team (with both Czech and Slovak teams out, what is the point, right?) so we hoped we could show you how it is done when you are working with lasers and LEDs and stuff. We are quite sure that UEFA will think about our proposal to have all the teams and players wear something similiar for next tournament in 2024. Here is an overview of what we used in our football match. 

What have we used for pitch?

Lasers are our specialty. We develop both the controllers and the software to create awesome shows and effects. To draw the football field, we used single 10W laser. You might get a glimpse in the video of a colleague working on a MacPro notebook. No, it’s not an illusion. We have the first professional software to create laser shows on Mac OS in the world (as far as we know). We didn’t quite figure out the framerate for this football match, so the pitch appear flickering, but with such powerful

Our digital LED bars for The Goal

Our custom LED bars with 60 LEDs per meter. We used 4 bars for each goal and connected it to our Powered digital LED pixel controller. Each goal had a color of their team and once someone scored a goal in our football match, we switched the animation to this strobe effect. All done in LED Strip Studio software.

Pitch created with laser, 6 players, each has LED costume, 3 of them Blue, other three RED, illuminated goals on each side of the pitch.

Players in analog LED costumes

Our very own Tron costumes. Developed for dance performances synchronized with music, these are heavy duty analog LED costumes. You can see numerous falls in the video. Of course, the players fell hard on the ground many times during this football match. Each player had two animations assigned to them. One that is on all the time and second whenever he gets a ball. We have come up with very elaborate system where player had to shout their assigned number, giving us signal to switch the animation. Heat of the game did not allow for total flawlessness of this system, but you get the idea 😊

Players wearing LED costumes in RED before the match
LED costumes on players before match

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