First LED Strip Studio Training. Ever!

Since the very first day we started to offer and sell LED Strip Studio controllers, we knew that it will be our duty to provide training of some sort to our most valuable customers and partners. It took us some time to organize such an event. Finally, last week from 31/07 to 01/08 a first group arrived in Bratislava. We prepared an event for them with practical lectures, showed some installations and offered some good Slovak cuisine ?.

A speaker in front of the TV with presentation abou How to correctly connect analog  LED strips in installation.
Head technical guru Juraj giving a short lecture.

Training was split into two days, where first day was more focused around our LSS software and basic differences between our LED controllers. Michal Pokluda, our CTO and co-owner, explained in detail what our sofware is capable of and showed participants how to use the software in the most effective way possible.

Later on we moved to “The Club” to show one of our latest installation in the largest night club in Bratislava.

A visit the “The Club” where we showed our installation to participants.

Second day, we focused on technical stuff. We invited our Senior Technical Engineer and All-Electrics guru Juraj Brezina to explain how we co-op with power drop, power injection within our installations and to basically share all know-how and experience we accumulated over the years. He also prepared a launch of our new RGBW Mr. Dimmer and The Symmetrizer board for increasing signal distance on 100+ meters wires.

The Symmetrizer, a
Small yet powerfull multi-purpose device that allows greater distances between
controllers and LEDs. – 1st Day – 2nd day

On the links above, you can find video stream from training.

Pros & no cons

This training was very interesting not only for attendees, but also for whole LED Strip Studio team. A feedback is an invaluable assett in and for every business and we are glad we could hear what features we are missing and which we should be working on more. In the near future, we will be updating and enhancing our Art-Net and Stand-alone modes. You can expect these changes within new firmware update of LED Ethernet Controllers and SPI Matrix.

Participants of the first ever training days outside of our office in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Participants from Netherland, UK and Estonie outside of our office in Bratislava, Slovakia.

I‘d like to say big “Thank you” to all of you who were part of our training and also to all my participating colleagues. I’m looking forward for the next training, where we will be glad to see new faces?

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