Family Feud (2017)

5 proti 5 TV Shows

Complete new design after 5 years of running

Since the Slovak TV was very happy about the quality job we did for the first 5vs5 TV Studio, we’ve made installation for the second studio as well. Generally, we’ve used the same type of analog LED strips. But for the digital we’ve chosen our digital LED bars already, since we believe they have better quality than standard digital LED strips.

I think the new scene is nicer than the old oneArchitects have really created modern and sexy design for the new studio. I like the LED pixels hiding behind the diffusors, which looks much better on cameras. We’ve used our digital bars in the panels behind the players in the button table, and we’ve used analog LED strips to light up the objects in the scene. I love especially the new button table; it looks like some futuristic table.

futuristic LED table
Modern, sexy, futuristic design of Digital LED tables

Otherwise we use the same features as we used in the first 5vs5 – Midi control from the game software, overlay scenes for correct / wrong answersAll of the LED strips in the studio (analog and digital) are controlled from LED Strip Studio 2. Again, you can see nice usage of overlay scenes, if some of the players hit the button first.

LED Strip Studio 2
LSS LED control software right at the spot

5vs5 is one of the most popular TV shows in Slovakia. And we’re happy that the Slovak National TV has chosen us as their supplier for the LED technology. Hopefully, the new one will be even more progressive than the older one.

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