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DMX512 is a widespread protocol stage technicians and light designers use for quite some time now. Chance is that you will sooner or later encounter an installation that is controlled by DMX. We understand that and we designed DMX trigger mode specifically so that we can offer an easy control option to everyone who is already working with this protocol.

Hardware buttons are good choice in case you have access to your compact LED controller. Most convenient way is of course to trigger your animations remotely. Most popular protocol in stage lighting industry is DMX512.

SPI LED controller uses standard RJ45 connector for both DMX IN and OUT. Always set up all 7 channels, otherwise the device won’t work properly.

A scheme showing pinout for connector that has RJ45 on one side and RJ45 on the other.

A pin/out scheme for cable with RJ45 connector (left) and XLR (right)


DMX512 Trigger mode channels

Digital strip can be either RGB or RGBW, where W stands for white colour. SPI LED controller can control both types, you just need to bare in mind that nevertheless you are using RGB or RGBW strip, you have to set up seven channels in DMX trigger mode.

Table with values for each of seven DMX channels that you have to set up to trigger animation stored on SD card using compact LED controller SPI.

Setup for DMX animation trigger mode 

A source of DMX can be either a console or software, or any other device that can generate DMX signal. Although console with slider is a standard equipment, it is not very practical. You have to move slider precisely to exact position. You can also come up with some workaround. However that will further limit the number of LEDs you can control. Remember, DMX can work with 512 channels only. We recommend using some other device that can generate DMX signal to trigger animations from your SPI LED controller.

At every stage and in every mode, you have to have SD card with correct settings file inserted in your controller. Check our previous articles and video for more instructions.

Complete knowledge base with user’s manual can be found on this link –

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